Tectonic shift towards mobile applications

Improved service delivery and minimized critical response time

With smart technologies disrupting business operations across all industries, more and more utilities realize that enterprise mobility is here to stay – and it is for the better. Easing into smart metering, coping with rising energy prices, and finding new sources of revenue are not the only battles industry players face in today’s marketplace. As both customer and employee preferences show a tectonic shift towards mobile applications and services, industry players’ ability to improve service delivery and minimize critical response time can make or break their efforts to stay ahead of the competition. In the face of these challenges, it’s time for utilities to revamp their business models, embrace mobile and find opportunities in a rapidly changing market environment.

Tried and tested mobile solutions

Easy-to-handle applications for optimal labor deployment

SCOLVO’s tried and tested mobile solutions provide utility enterprises with a real-time, integrated view of business operations and ensure seamless collaboration between office- and field-based teams, customers and critical infrastructure. Smoothly connecting with existing back-end environments, our compact mobility products can be easily deployed and fine-tuned to any business scenario, with more features just a few clicks away. Instant access to upcoming tasks, inventory data and utility maps on the go offers new opportunities to frontline workers to deepen customer knowledge and enhance customer experience. Field force managers can schedule and monitor tasks through easy-to-handle applications to ensure optimal labor deployment and error-free communication in every business situation from meter reading to handling severe service disruptions.