Empower any developer to build enterprise mobile apps radically faster

Scolvo Development Platform is a mobile-specific application development platform that empowers any developer to build employee-facing mobile applications for enterprise clients radically faster.

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Why choose Scolvo Development Platform?

any developer

There is no need for iOS and/or Android expertise
to complete a mobile app project. Based on the business requirements
a Business Analyst can prepare the written business logic and any developer can translate
it to Scolvo script

Build iOS apps without specialized developers

Imagine just how many new iOS projects you
can take on with your existing developers.
That’s right, you won’t need specialized iOS developers when building iOS apps with Scolvo Development Platform.

Faster time to market

As you only need to
spend time on translating the business logic to script on a single platform,
the time to develop apps is reduced dramatically and so are your costs.

Full-stack coverage

The radical velocity
of the platform comes from the capability that Scolvo Development Platform covers all aspects of the development of your project - frontend (mobile, web), backend, database, and deployment.


Phases of a project with Scolvo Development


Business service design

Understanding the business logic of the planned application and personalizing the tailoring to the corporate branding guidelines.



Translating the business logic into scripts written in a single platform and logic in the Scolvo scripting language.



The platform interprets the scripts and creates the necessary elements: mobile apps, backend and a web app.

How does Scolvo Development Platform empower dev teams?

business objects

We have a list of building blocks - business objects, built-in functions - ready to be used shortening the development time.

Access native
mobile functions

Native functions and UI elements can be leveraged for each platform separately, without your developers needing to understand Android or iOS programming details.


Apps created with Scolvo Development Platform sync data when the devices are online, enabling you
to use the full functionality of the last synced version offline as well (and sync data back as soon as the device comes back online again).

Flexible business logic

Depending on where a certain process is efficient to run you
may implement it as a client
or backend logic the same way.
All the script features are
available in all components.

Easy to learn

The Scolvo language is a JavaScript-like language therefore takes less than a few weeks to learn even for newbies.

Supporting frequently changing mobile
operating systems

SDP is always backward compatible and we make sure to follow the mobile OS updates so you don’t have to.

Your non-functional requirements met with Scolvo Development Platform

Built to scale

Our architecture was designed
with scalability in mind - our components are virtualized and
run stateless. This makes it easy
to scale the solution by introducing additional components
of the same kind.

Secure by design

Apart from token-based authentication and authenticating every request, our authorization system is role-based and can be extended easily. Our Authentication Service can be integrated with existing, standard external user databases like LDAP or AD.

Easy operations

If the team being responsible for the operation, is familiar with virtualization and Docker, there won’t be any surprises. The platform supports operation tasks with a script set, however, you won’t even need these in case you use our VS Code extension.

Easy setup

We have a VS Code extension that takes care of setting up everything automatically that is needed to start developing with the Scolvo Development Platform.

SSO ready

We use Keycloak for security
and authentication, which enables SSO by using LDAP.

Design consistency

The platform currently supports material UI only. Thiswhich means
that the frontend elements you
define will look consistent without
any extra effort.

Sounds interesting?

Why don’t you see for yourself,
how easy it is to build apps
with Scolvo Development Platform?