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Use cases

Workforce collaboration

Automating workforce management 

Define complex business logic and connect to the relevant data sources (eg. SAP Hana, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc) like you would need for an app to manage on-leave substitutions.

Facility Management

Think about managing cleaning activities or managing meeting room-, smart desk-, or parking slot booking. 

Internal communication

Due to pre-built business objects, apps that handle employee questionnaires, feedback forms, surveys, or use native app features like notifications can be created rapidly. 



Whether it’s accessing or modifying customer data, taking memos, or integrating with your pre-existing CRM, you can do it with the Scolvo Development Platform.

Standardized sales processes

Bring your client’s sales cadence to life with to-do lists, calendar integration, push notifications, and personalized dashboards.

Staying connected on the move

Let your clients’ field force securely access documents and multimedia (voice memos, videos, or images) or even MDM data on the move. Scolvo Development Platform can also be used to build apps from where your reps can send notifications or alerts to their clients.

Field Force Enablement

Offline functionalities 

Apps created with the platform are offline-first, meaning that all functionality 
is available to use even when the mobile device is offline.

Integration with ERPs

Connect to and integrate with the ERP of your customer’s choice and make warehousing processes smooth as butter.

Supply chain quality assurance 

Workflows and task lists can be automatically assigned based on user roles
or any other characteristics.

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