Sales solutions

Tech-enabled customers

Customer engagement & dynamic targeting in focus

In our increasingly mobile-first environment, the slightest barrier to accessing data whenever and wherever needed can result in losing out to savvier competitors – and losing savvier buyers. Many companies are still on the doorstep of digital transformation, while consumers have marched right through it a long time ago. Today’s tech-enabled audience enjoys buying but not being sold to, which puts customer engagement, professionalism and dynamic targeting in the focus of any selling process. Sales representatives without on-the-go access to required databases are not only unable to get business-critical data but also to supply it. As a result, everyday events like a staff change or sick leave disrupt cross-team information flows and can result in a severe fallout in revenues.


Innovative mobility solution

Enhancement every step of the sales cycle

SCOLVO SALES is an innovative mobility solution which channels sales processes into simple and convenient business applications to enhance every step of the sales cycle. Our apps have been successfully deployed at major players in the banking and insurance, pharmaceutical, transportation and logistics sectors, but are suitable to align and accelerate any sales operations. Instant access to 360-degree customer view, on-the-move dialogue between office- and field-based teams, increased sales force uptime and a hyper-responsive customer service are only some of the perks that come with mobilizing with SCOLVO SALES which can translate into a boost in sales conversion rates by as high as 26%. How?

Up-to-minute data access & greater control

Consistent, customer-driven sales interactions

SCOLVO SALES applications provide real-time data and metrics for consistent, customer-driven sales interactions. Sales visits become more effective through a single device containing rich product information, up-to-the-minute marketing collateral, interactive presentation tools, as well as gamification-based pricing and automated quoting functions in one place. SCOLVO SALES transforms sales conversations from face-to-face to side-by-side: agents and clients create and fine-tune offers together, with meeting outcomes instantly logged to CRM- and ERP-systems. SCOLVO SALES’s reporting module simplifies and enhances the reporting process, turning it into a painless, error-free exercise for sales reps and greater level of control for sales managers.

Future-proof sales operations

Streamlined workflow & collaboration

Seamlessly integrating with all major legacy systems and low-investment mobile devices, SCOLVO SALES is a flexible, no-risk solution to rethink, revamp and future-proof your sales operations. Transforming sales processes into streamlined collaboration and value-added interactions between your employees, partners and clients, it helps you leverage untapped up- and cross-selling opportunities, boost staff productivity, drive customer action and loyalty and, ultimately, grow top and bottom lines. But it is much more than an enablement tool. It comes with an end-to-end service as well as 24/7 availability and technical support, continuous product upgrades and a long-term partnership for your entire mobilization journey.