Field Operations solutions

Coming age of total connection

Digitalization holds the key to stay in the game

The benefits of business mobile applications are sweeping and obvious – think next-level customer service, streamlined workflows and peak productivity – yet businesses in all industries are only starting to realize their true potential. According to recent findings, employees who use mobile applications in their daily work are 34% more productive¹ than their desktop-bound colleagues. This means an extra 240 hours of work, i.e. 10 extra days of productivity per year², courtesy of mobile working. In the coming age of total connection, harnessing this new breed of office staples and understanding the way they transform how businesses are run, and how they keep employees and customers happy will hold the key to staying in the game – and keep winning.

15+ years of experience

Ready-to-use solution

Drawing on our 15 years of experience in building and delivering mobility solutions, SCOLVO PROCESS is a ready-to-use solution that empowers your mobile workforce to do their job with maximum efficiency whenever and wherever a task needs to be done. It ensures seamless integration with all major legacy and stand-alone systems, customization in a matter of seconds and implementation as quickly as in a few days, without hidden risks, costs or liabilities. However, SCOLVO PROCESS is much more than an enablement tool. It comes with an end-to-end service coupled with tried-and-tested industry best practices, 24/7 availability and technical support, continuous product upgrades, and a long-term partnership for your entire mobilization journey.

Fast and easy mobilization

Perfectly tailored to your needs

SCOLVO provides a unique methodology for fast and easy mobilization of field force operations, from in-store product placement controls to routine meter readings and on-site damage appraisals. Breaking down corporate processes into micro situations, we guarantee that you get what works best in your industry, perfectly tailored to your needs and the taste of your employees. SCOLVO solutions turn daily operations into joyful activities to drive higher employee satisfaction, and increase overall workforce productivity and customer loyalty. Once mobile, technicians can feed service-call data right into a mobile application instead of error-prone, manual form-filling while insurance agents can handle low-risk claims right on the spot without delay.


Excellent user experience

Fluid, customizable interface

SCOLVO PROCESS applications offer an excellent user experience through a fluid, customizable interface and the ease of using a social media app, with no over-the-top or downright useless functions. Built-in features including task management, real-time data supply, pre-set performance reports, multi-channel recording and guided workflows ensure that everything your employees need to deliver their best performance anywhere and anytime is available in one place – at their fingertips. SCOLVO PROCESS helps your business today to stay competitive tomorrow by transforming work processes into streamlined collaboration between your employees, partners and clients.