SCOLVO Sales functions


All the essential information in one place. Assigned and own tasks, customer data, and documents (from CRM or ERP systems), integrated map and navigation, reports, graphs.

Customer involvement

Sit next to your customers and involve them in the sales process. Let them fill out the interactive forms (classification, financial planner), let the calculation and offering be transparent – our AI based engine supports all of these.


Contracting is a time-consuming activity but not in SCOLVO Sales. The app fills out most of the customer data and offers details, providing an end-to-end paperless process. That is a unique customer experience that your competitors are not delivering.


All critical information recorded by the automatic meeting memo function. The memo is shareable with the customer and can also be synchronized with your CRM.

Document storage

Documents are always up-to-date in the SCOLVO app, even when offline (automatically syncing with your document management system). A presentation function is also included with graphic note taking (drawing) for better explanation and understanding.


Our ready-to-use APIs provide easy integration with your internal systems (CRM, ERP, BI, reporting, core).

Where to use SCOLVO Sales?

SCOLVO Sales is the ultimate selling machine that you can use in any personal sales situation: even at the customer’s, in the office, in a coffee shop or the branch offices of banks or insurance companies.

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