SCOLVO Process functions


All the essential information in one place. Assigned and own tasks, work orders, data sheets, integrated map, and navigation – all these functions serving colleagues to work regardless.


All tasks and to-dos in one place with the related documentation, workflow-specific smart forms, QR- and barcode readers, picture recording with a drawing function for better documentation.


All critical information recorded with the automatic form filler. That document is shareable with the customer, and can also be synchronized with your internal system. Note-taking has never been easier: with the dictation function, there is no need to type.


Our ready-to-use APIs provide easy integration with your internal systems (workflow, inventory management, ERP, maintenance).

Document storage

Documents (plans, maps, documentation) are always up-to-date in the SCOLVO app, even when offline (automatically syncing with your document management system).

Where to use SCOLVO Process?

SCOLVO Process supports all kind of field activities: maintenance, meter reading, store inspection or security service.

How can you find out more?