• Jul052018
    insurance distributors

    Last Call for Insurance Distributors: Get Ready for IDD-Compliant Competition

    The clock is ticking: from October 1, 2018, the Insurance Distribution Directive and its transpositions into local law will be…

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  • Apr132018

    We are featured in the Insurance Trend Report 2018!

    The latest edition of the Insurance Trend Report by Insurance Factory is out now, and we are thrilled to announce…

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  • Mar012018

    Insurance Distribution with a Mobile Solution: Quick, Simple, Up-to-date

    In today’s economy, insurance distribution faces several challenges in several fields, as the development of technology is in sharp contrast…

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  • Jan292018
    IDD in CEE

    Is CEE Prepared for the Insurance Distribution Directive?

    A week before the original deadline of February 23, the European Commission has agreed to a delay of the implementation…

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  • Oct122017
    idd insurance distribution directive

    IDD: The Insurance Sector’s New Regulatory Nightmare

    Insurers are soon to face another probe regarding a recent regulation: besides the already known GDPR, the sector will have…

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  • Apr132017

    Mobility Attracts Millennials to Any Job – Even in Financial Services

    The Millennial generation is often undervalued and/or faced with high expectations: they’re considered lazy, disrespectful, and tech-dependant, while..

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  • Apr032017

    Tackle Your Challenges with Mobile Solutions: Mobility for the Insurance Industry

    There are three main areas where mobile solutions present real answers to the insurance industry’s current challenges – let’s see…

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