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Digital dictates the new pace of work. However, everyone but workplaces seems eager to follow. Tech-savvy millennials, the first generation which is younger than the Internet, were once a driving force behind today’s overconnected, smartphone-bound work culture. But they will soon share offices with tech-innate iGen-ers, who easily multi-task across five screens and will not even remember a time before smartphones. With the Internet of Everything taking the world by storm and CIOs already rolling out firm-wide bring-your-own wearable policies, becoming mobile is not enough. Businesses need to become future-proof. SCOLVO solutions draw on our strong track-record of innovation, a rich knowledge base of pioneer technologies and client-driven growth strategy. We build and deliver the best mobility tools for businesses to begin and follow through on their digital journey, wherever it leads.

All-around mobility solution

Simplicity and flexibility

What we offer is a one-stop shop solution for the what, when and how of workforce mobilization. The SCOLVO methodology takes a hybrid approach to enterprise mobility. It blends the simplicity of off-the-shelf product offerings with the flexibility of in-house application development. Thanks to the combination of our fifteen years of experience in mobilizing businesses and our commitment to provide enterprises with the best mobility tools on-time and on-budget, our products offer a one-click module-matching customization and deployment as soon as in a few days. We do our best to help our clients reach their enterprise mobility goals fast and efficiently, but our work does not stop there. We guarantee a risk-free, hassle-free enablement solution backed by end-to-end service for the entire mobilization process, continuous product development, and 24/7 availability and technical support.

Intuitive and beautifully designed interface

Ease and joy of consumer applications in a business context

When it comes to business applications, robust features and stunning visuals do not necessarily translate into user acceptance. More than 60% of employees admittedly avoid using corporate applications, citing poor user experience as the number-one reason for doing so. Thus, apps that are inconvenient or overly complicated to use, offering users either limited or abundant functions can quickly turn mobilization into a bad investment. Our robust mobility tools ensure that employees can access accurate, up-to-the-minute information, collaborate real-time and make the most of every working second anywhere, anytime. SCOLVO applications also come with a generous, intuitive and beautifully designed interface with just the right functionality, and the ease and joy of using consumer applications. That is how we turn mobile devices into productivity tools, and field work into a seamless, joyful experience.