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Scolvo Sales – Safe solutions for a growing industry
Streamline sales processes and customer service capabilities from beginning to end with Scolvo’s B2E tablet solution.

Scolvo Process

Scolvo Process – Optimized processes, faster services
Align field workflows and redefine cross-team collaboration with Scolvo’s tablet and mobile-based enablement solution.


Digital journey reimagined

Our advanced enterprise mobility solutions help businesses simplify mobilization and maximize productivity through beautiful business apps. The Scolvo methodology relies on zero-coding development across all native applications and allows perfect mobile frontend customization. The result? All users work seamlessly on a single intuitive platform that bridges their needs in every business situation anywhere, anytime.

Non-invasive transformation

Scolvo’s mobile enablement tools smoothly integrate with your core systems and can be easily implemented for any workforce type and size. Our robust, cutting-edge technology allows you to set up your own applications with the ease of building Lego-blocks. But this is not where our solutions end. We help you develop a future-proof mobile strategy and provide lifecycle management and support along the way.

Next-level customer experience

Keeping an optimum balance amongst business and user needs, the out-of-the-box functions of Scolvo’s enablement solutions empower your workforce to tackle customer-related challenges at every step of the customer journey. Conversations become more compelling, dynamic and powerful through the dashboard-style visualization, interactive presentation, built-in contract management, customer segmentation and pricing features.

“We have asked Scolvo to mobilize Aegon Insurance’s damage evaluation processes for tablets. Our colleagues are pleased to use the tablet solution because it enables them to inspect more damages on a daily basis and eliminates paper-based administration.”


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“We have choosen Scolvo to mobilize Aegon Insurance’s damage evaluation processes on tablets.
Our colleagues are pleased to use the tablet solution, because they are able to inspect more damages in a day with no paper based administration”