New breed of enabled consumerism

Serve customers faster and better than ever before

Today’s retail industry landscape is rapidly changing where always-connected, channel-hopping customers set the pace. With constant and immediate access to abundant and up-to-the-minute product information right at their fingertips, no wonder that people expect companies to be similarly empowered. To embrace this new breed of enabled consumerism, retailers are more and more pressured to evolve into internally and externally hyper-connected, omnichannel service centers. A catalyst behind these fast-evolving consumer attitudes, mobile enablement is also here to help industry players to get into the forefront of the digital revolution, upgrade their consumer-centric business models to consumer-led, and serve customers faster, smarter, and better than ever before.

Delightful, industry-optimized applications

Monitor, measure and enhance performance

SCOLVO’s innovative, end-to-end mobility solution can be a game-changer for retail companies looking to achieve new levels of customer field service efficiency and effectiveness. Our delightful, industry- and process-optimized applications help businesses reshape the retail ecosystem from the in-store environment through the supply chain to sales capacities. Employees can easily access and collect actionable, real-time data on their mobile devices, allowing decision-makers to monitor, measure and enhance performance throughout the enterprise. Mobile productivity helps you fine-tune workflows across the entire retail infrastructure, including store inspection, competitor analysis, tasks scheduling and quality assurance, to ensure a seamless shopping experience – long before your customers enter the store.