Sales management

Challenges from multiple fronts

Up-to-date knowledge & empowered sales force

In today’s rapidly evolving interaction climate, sales managers often find themselves facing challenges from multiple fronts. Recent studies show that sales representatives spend a whopping 650+ hours per year on searching for information and tending to administrative tasks, and only 39% of their time on actually moving a sale forward¹. Limited mobile access to key sales systems is certainly the foremost barrier to success for most sales teams, with back offices’ failure to keep product knowledge up-to-date and arm both sales representatives and managers with insight into customer-specific sales pipeline opportunities following as a close second. Being more than a tap away from business-critical information among customers who are more connected and empowered than ever before dramatically hinders sales forces’ selling efforts and leave too many sales on the table.

Instant intelligence & guided workflows

360-degree customer data & tailor-made offers

Supporting both sales representatives and managers with up-to-the-minute intelligence and guided workflows, SCOLVO applications ensure that sales capacities are leveraged to their full potential. With instant access to the latest available marketing multimedia collateral, sales reps can showcase products and services with more impact. Unlocking 360-degree customer data with a tap of their finger, our apps help agents uncover untapped sales opportunities, create tailor-made offers and close deals easily while on the move. Sales pipeline updates can be directly fed into backend systems and turned into insightful, dashboard-style sales reports in a matter of seconds. Inviting customers into every step of the sales process, sales visits become customer-led conversations with more effective follow-ups. SCOLVO solutions enhance cross-team information flow, provide a greater sense of professionalism, trim field force downtime and, ultimately, result in tangible bottom line gains.