Quality management

Radical industry transformation

Higher productivity and compliance

With a radical transformation of manufacturing in full swing, boosting plant efficiency through lean processes remains quality managers’ number-one goal, and number-one challenge. Available standard operating procedures might provide guidance on how to do a job correctly but say little about how to do it efficiently. Many-tiered work instructions tend to come with heavy administration, adding bureaucracy to the equation. Plus, the bigger the organization, the bigger the challenge. With their jumbled workflows and overcomplicated approval hierarchy, it is near-impossible for mammoth-sized plants to drive higher productivity and keep compliance at the same time. The lack of insightful metrics is another barrier to harmonizing cross- and intra-departmental workflows; a factor only paralleled by the flood of data with little to no value pouring in from stand-alone systems and data sources.

Guided workflow to streamline activities

Relevant, accurate data anywhere, anytime

SCOLVO’s mobility solutions integrate with any existing legacy environment and provide end-to-end visibility into quality management. Our applications offer superb user experience and guided workflows to streamline activities for field service teams, and bigger spans of control for managers. Mobile work teams can receive real-time updates on tasks, check inventory, document quality inspections, update utility maps and communicate with customers on the move. Relevant, accurate data that is available anywhere, anytime across units enables managers to curtail lengthy approval mechanisms, track key performance metrics and make quality performance part of all aspects of the organizational activity. Turning tedious tasks into seamless work experience, mobile collaboration drives increased workforce and machine uptime and measurable efficiency gains for the entire organization.