Production & Maintenance management

Shrinking customer timeframes

Delivering greater value in less time

With Internet of Things-driven breakthroughs, more dexterous robots and digitalized manufacturing fueling a third industrial revolution, exploring the benefits of mobile enablement is hardly something any company with production capabilities afford to ignore. In today’s consumer-driven world, production and maintenance managers are in a constant race to keep up with shrinking customer timeframes while delivering greater value in less time. They also find themselves under pressure to keep costs at bay without compromising on quality, and to track and boost plant efficiency with no access to real-time business intelligence. No surprise that more and more manufacturers embrace mobile collaboration technologies to achieve greater agility, deliver major productivity gains and take ‘lean’ to a whole new level within their organization.

Seamless deployment into any process

Real-time, comprehensive data access

Seamlessly integrating with existing supply chain management and resource planning systems, our mobility solutions can be rapidly deployed into any production and maintenance process. Field service and in-house teams benefit from real-time visibility into mission-critical information from back-end systems through an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile interface. With real-time, comprehensive view on purchasing, manufacturing, and delivery operations available in the palm of their hands, production and maintenance managers can tweak workflows to maximize field operations efficiency, improve service quality and speed up customer responsiveness. The result? Better business decisions, agile production strategies, rapid time-to-market, loyal customers, and measurable top and bottom line growth.