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Our Mission

We provide an intelligent mobile tool for employers and employees so they can effectively and quickly address resource planning challenges during COVID-19 outbreak, whether it’s a small or medium-sized company or a large enterprise with thousands of employees.

The Digital Questionnaire of the SCOLVO CORINFO mobile application can help employers, with quick and efficient data collection, to have up-to-date information about the status and availability of their employees and be able to manage daily workforce planning more effectively.

How do we help with the resource planning tasks:

  • We provide colleagues with a mobile application that enables easy and fast feedback mechanism on employees status and availability, using some of the standard debriefing protocol questions from health authorities, as well as employer-defined set of questions
  • The application is available on all digital devices
    • no paperwork required,
    • information is stored in a database, historical data is available as pre-built report or raw data,
    • no data loss,
    • question can be changed, replaced, amended at any time,
    • additional customized reports can be generated.

Why is SCOLVO CORINFO SOLUTION the best choice?

  • The mobile application is based on Scolvo Cross Platform Development Framework (SDF), customization requirements can be fulfilled with using pre-defined features within days.
  • Frontend can be easily customized according to target groups and segments.


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