Indispensable Business Mobile Apps Used by Young Sales Professionals

Indispensable Business Mobile Apps Used by Young Sales Professionals
August 7, 2017 Krisztian Toth
scolvo sales business app

Sales is a tricky business, and a lot depends on finding the right connections at the right time. But if the reps are office-bound for these type of information, the right time might never come.

It is even more so for field sales where mobility and quick reactions, as well as interaction with prospects and clients, are crucial. There come enterprise mobile apps, the natural-born sales enhancers – see our compilation of the very best!

Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Source: LinkedIn

For young sales representatives, Linkedin is already an essential tool to get in touch with prospects – it makes making connections easier and even cold mailings less annoying. The Sales Navigator is a unique application developed for sales reps to enhance credibility further and improve planning by getting to know the prospects more. No wonder reps like to take them on the road: Sales Navigator’s mobile app is especially useful in its selection of the most important features, like real-time update and recommendation of leads. LinkedIn’s dedication to cater more for this segment’s needs is shown by the latest announcements in March concerning the launch of a new enterprise product, and integrations offering new presentation and CRM-features.

Best feature: Real-time updates on saved accounts and leads


Mobile CRM (Salesforce and Co.)

mobile salesforce app

Source: Salesforce

Having a mobile version of the company CRM on their phones is a no-brainer for young professionals. Why wouldn’t someone use the advantages of having all client and prospects data at hand at all times? Salesforce and the likes have become popular because of the deep understanding of the sales professionals’ needs and providing them with a tool that covers all aspects of their work assignments. Think team synchronization, mapping routes, or e-signature.

Best feature: AppExchange in Salesforce, where you can find instantly connectable apps for even more productivity.



camcard app tablet sales

Source: CamCard

An excellent addition to a CRM, CamCard assists the sales reps in archiving all the business cards they collect along the way. Many professionals have already discovered the method of making photos of cards and collect them in a separate folder, but CamCard takes this approach one step further by extracting data from the pictures and archive them. You can even exchange cards with colleagues or clients through the app. As simple as it sounds, the app helps to avoid making a small but annoying mistake that is possibly harmful to the business: losing valuable contacts.

Best feature: The app can process information in 17 languages.


Scolvo Sales

scolvo sales business app

Source: Scolvo

When the competition is heating up in financial services, utilities, or retail, salespeople need tools to tackle the challenges and beat the rest of the field in speed and personalization. You can assemble the Scolvo Sales application from pre-developed modules that are based on industry best-practices, can be customized in seconds, and giving you the advantage of a rapid implementation (within a few days). It helps sales agents track their tasks, performance, and access relevant documents for completing deals, as well as to add records themselves, such as notes or contracts.

Best feature: The user interface – it is so beautiful it makes you forget you’re using a business app and not a consumer one.


Sales Tracking Calendar

sales tracking calendar business app

Source: Sales Tracking Calendar

Sales pros are performance-driven and motivated by the numbers, so an app that assists them with tracking is likely to succeed. Sales Tracking Calendar by Pipeline Pro, as its name suggests, uses the calendar format to track data and calculate monthly achievements and remaining tasks based on the registered activities and set objectives. It also tracks the clients through the sales pipeline until the deal is closed.

Best feature: It creates a weekly plan based on the objectives, so you can focus on the clients and still hit your targets.  



datanyze business mobile app

Source: Datanyze

Benchmarking and competition tracking is part of the background duties of B2B sales agents – these activities help find the best times to approach your prospects with an offer that you tailor to their actual needs. What Datanyze does is it analyzes data to determine which software your prospects use, which one they have just started or stopped using. It gives real-time insight into the technology choices and buying signals of business, also called technographics. It recently partnered with IVC and Interarrows to expand to the European and Asian markets.

Best feature: A scoring system that ranks your existing accounts and compares the best-performing ones to any new accounts.


Time Tracking

timely app time tracking

Source: Timely

Although many of the apps mentioned above include time-tracking functions, when you don’t have access to any of these, it’s good to be at least in the know about your times spent on the job. There are several of such tools on the market, from the ones that are for self-control to those that are expressly designed to keep track of a whole sales team. The Timely app, for example, automatically tracks all the activities that you set in it, whether it be meeting a client, creating a presentation, or taking a lunch break – you can select which one of these might go in a final report. Another tracking app, VisitEye, does not only keeps a record of the activities performed, but also of locations, mileage, expenses, photos, and client-related info – everything related to a field sales rep’s working hours.

Best feature: scheduling and re-scheduling client visits based on real-time location data