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Ready-to-use productivity applications

SCOLVO is a key European enterprise mobility player with a unique methodology for fast and efficient workforce mobilization. We transform business processes through ready-to-use productivity applications that bring the ease and joy of consumer apps into the work environment. We do so by taking a customer-driven approach that helps us find the best way for businesses to grapple mobility-driven challenges and opportunities. Our modules have been successfully deployed at key players in various industries, such as Aegon Insurance, Roche, Rewe Group, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Erste Group, and are used by over 20,000 employees in more than ten countries. With some 100 success stories under our belt, we offer a future-proof tool to overcome inefficiencies, fuel overall productivity, boost employee and client engagement, and stay competitive in a mobile-first environment.

Streamlining top-to-bottom

SCOLVO supports any enterprise mobility flow and function

With over fifteen years’ experience in mobilizing businesses, we know exactly how mobilization can help any organization make the most of every working second. From supermarkets to pharmaceutical manufacturers, from quality management to maintenance, from back office teams to field operations, SCOLVO supports almost any enterprise mobility flow and function. Our methodology draws on the idea of splitting corporate processes into subprocesses, such as agreement, organization or communication, then further into micro-processes. We translate these workflows into easy-to-use, easy-to-love business applications. By blending optimum functionality with a fluid, customizable interface, our modules offer the convenience of out-of-the-box mobility tools and the flexibility of custom development for maximum productivity and superior user experience.

Customer-driven mindset

Empowering businesses to grow through mobilization

We know that going mobile means different challenges and different opportunities for every organization – and every employee. We first want to understand where our customers come from, where they are going, and how mobilization can help them get there. Our mission is to empower businesses to grow through digital transformation but also to grow along with them. That is why we do our best to fine-tune our methodology with annual customer feedback analysis, close cooperation, and ongoing dialogue. That is also how we ensure that our solutions are the best and stay the best in the coming age of total connection, whatever new technologies it might bring. SCOLVO strives to create cutting-edge enterprise mobility tools that change the daily work of millions – and also the way companies look at mobilization. Our quickly deployable, easily customizable products cut through complexity and provide a hassle-free, risk-free solution to unlock companies’ real potential as mobile-enabled enterprises.

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